1. Hello sir, I was deposited $45 into my olymp trade platform account 30818692USD on 21-01-2019 with Order number 549005101 to start real trading but since then I haven’t been access to my account anymore.when ever I tried to login it will bring incorrect password and if I try change my password it bring invalid email or email is not registered of which I have been using the email and password for past two months . please help me out

  2. Please sir i can not access my account due to the fact that i can not receive two factor authentication
    Please help me.

  3. Hi! i am so fastrated because i don’t get any help regarding opening my login to Olymp trade account because of 2 factor that i have done when i open my account using 2 factor authenticator 6 digits it always says its an error or outdated even now i can” t trade because of that would someone please assist in this regard and i am disappointed in your support system because i did send them an email nobody is not responding thank you.


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