5 Trading stages that traders need to overcome to be successful

5 Trading stages that traders need to overcome to be successful
5 Trading stages that traders need to overcome to be successful

Most beginners skip the learning process to become successful traders. Some traders make money early only to find out that they were lucky and not as skilled as they thought. To be successful in the trading field, you have to go through many stages of development.

There are no shortcuts to this process. You have to learn lessons from the market and uncover your weaknesses to improve better and better over time. In this article, I will show the stages that traders need to pass to make profits when trading in Olymp Trade.

Trading stages 1 – Begin

This is the first stage when you enter the market and start trading. You think this is a very good way to make money because you hear a lot about it.

For you, it will be like trying to drive a car for the first time. It’s hard to steer it in the direction you want it to. As in trading, you can’t predict the direction of the price up or down as a beginner.

You also believe that traders will definitely earn consistent profits daily, weekly, and monthly. They own the holy grail of making money in all markets with little risk and no loss of capital.

1st stage of a trader
1st stage of a trader

At this stage, the new trader is even ignorant of his ignorance when entering the market, watching the price go up and down and not knowing what to do with it. He trades a lot and takes on a lot of potential risks without even knowing it.

This is how Stage 1 begins and usually lasts a few months to a year. And then you quickly move on to the second stage.

Trading stages 2 – Overload

Stage two officially begins when you find that you can’t trade with such an “empty head”. You realize that you have no knowledge or skills in trading at all. But to be able to trade well and profitably, you need to learn more things.

During this period, you will buy trading systems, books, read countless materials on websites regardless of whether it works or not. Then you begin your search for your “holy grail”.

Trading stages 2 - Overload
Trading stages 2 – Overload

I am also not surprised that this time around you use 3 trading methods at the same time. You’re willing to change it as soon as there are a few losing positions without giving it time to prove effective. Just like that, you have used all the technical indicators provided by the exchange, but the results are the same as at the beginning “still at a loss”.

If you have knowledge overload and realize it, congratulation because you’re slowly getting through this stage. But it will take you a lot of time even 2 or 3 years. Despite trying to learn as much as possible, most new traders give up trading when they can’t get over their losses.

Trading stages 3 – Eureka

You really exit stage 2 when you realize that no trading system can help you find daily profits in the market. What makes the difference is not in the system but in who you are.

You also realize that it is still possible to make money with just the MA in a very simple way. Just control your psychology when trading and manage your capital well, you have a 50% winning rate. This is the moment when a connection is formed in your head.

You eventually start to stick with the unique trading system you have set up. It gives you a sense of joy and comfort in trading and always determines the risk threshold that you can accept in each trade. Since then, your probability of winning has been raised to a higher level. When losing a trade, you don’t get angry or scared because now you know that trading is a game of probability.

Trading stages 3 - Eureka
Trading stages 3 – Eureka

Now you understand what it means to build a trading strategy, capital management methods, leverage ratio, risk management… Even though you ignored it before, you’re ready to absorb it now.

This stage ends when you admit you can’t predict the market.

Stage 4 – Pro

Now you can quickly place orders as soon as the system signal notifies you. If it loses, you accept it. If you win, nothing is special. You are more patient as you let the profitable order run to its final point. And you easily exit the trade when you realize you made the wrong decision with a small loss.

Things get off to a better start during the trade. The losses are less and no longer scare you or the profits no longer excite you (because it is obvious). Besides, your account has started to grow over time, which is a great feeling.

This stage will probably last 6 months to 2 years and you will go to stage 5.

Start making profits in trading

Stage 5 – Master

Remember how I compared trading to driving above? Now you’re a proficient driver. Just sit in and drive to where you want to go. As for trading, you just need to sit in the machine and make enough profit that you want.
Congratulations, you have truly entered the unconscious stage when making profits has become easy and completely normal.

Become a professional trader
Become a professional trader

You control your emotions and your account grows rapidly. You start your trading room as serious business. People listen to you when you’ve been successful and share your journey.

They ask you so many questions and you find yourself in them. You know that some of them will get where you’ve been, some faster than others. But there will be a lot of people who will be permanently stuck in stage 2 or give up.

Going through the above stages you are now a professional trader who can make a living by trading. Thank you for reading and see you again soon.

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5 Trading stages that traders need to overcome to be successful
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