Feel the market when trading in Olymp Trade. Review entry points on September 23

Feel the market when trading in Olymp Trade. Review entry points on September 23
Feel the market when trading in Olymp Trade. Review entry points on September 23

It’s been a long time since the last time I opened an option in Olymp Trade. As a rule, I don’t trade on Monday morning. But yesterday I had a day off, so I used my free time to trade and open some options.

There is some interesting news for you. Olymp Trade reduces Bonus when depositing money, specifically for the Vietnamese market. After depositing $5000, you only gain 30% of the account.

Bonus Olymp Trade
Bonus Olymp Trade

I traded a total of 6 options (5 win – 1 lose) and earned 10% profit. Before going into the review of each command, I will talk a little about Set Up Time. And in October, we will organize an interview to find employees who love to work for website Olymptradeclub.

Feel the market when trading in Olymp Trade

Set up time is the period of time you turn on your laptop, go to Olymp Trade and look at the chart. Simply, it is the preparation time for you to see the market (watch EUR/USD pair), set up the basic indicators depending on how you trade.

Feel the market when trading in Olymp Trade

For example, with Test Candlestick method, the price surpasses support/resistance levels and creates a candlestick to retest the level it just passes​​= Open an option. For details, please read this article: https://olymptradeclub.com/how-to-trade-at-olymp-trade-with-test-candlestick-safe-simple-and-effective/

Set up time: Look at Support/Resistance levels, feel and read the candlesticks. If the price and candlesticks are on the right track, everything is ok. It’s time to wait for the signal and entry points. If not, turn off your laptop and do something else.

This is a very basic step that many Olymp Trade traders forget. It’s simple but you will know the market is under your control or not.

Review Olymp Trade entry points on September 23

5 win – 1 lose, 10% account profit.

Review Olymp Trade entry points on September 23

Option 1: This option almost came from emotions. My feeling was good. The price entered a strong resistance zone. After that, it went sideways and accumulated to surpass the resistance. This was why I opened this option.

Option 2: The candlestick tested the resistance it just passed. Opened an UP option – lose.

Option 3: Uptrend + Red Pullback candlestick = Betted the next candlestick green.

Option 4: The price was falling and surpassed the support level and created a green candlestick to retest = Betted the next candlestick red.

A Down option (bet the red candlestick) in Olymp Trade

Option 5: The price retested + test candlestick = bet the next candlestick red. Most of the time, I thought this option would lose but it ended up winning.

A Down option (bet the red candlestick) in Olymp Trade

In a long time from 11 am to 2 pm, there were no entry points to open at all. Do you know why? Simply because I felt EUR/USD was going sideways. And every time the market went sideways, my probability of winning decreased. So this period, I don’t open any options.

Option 6: The price surpassed a hard support level and fell sharply + Pullback candlestick tested = Betted the next candlestick red. This is an option which is 100% win for sure if you open.

Pullback candlestick in Olymp Trade

What was next? Downtrend was confirmed. Why don’t I continue to open options? Because I’m not sure. After option 6, EUR/USD fell uncontrollably. When the market is unpredictable, it is better to turn off and leave rather than try to trade.

Olymp Trade platform Update

Olymp Trade promotion code to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its founding

Deposit from $200/€200 and above and use Promotion Code 72VIP. Your account will become a VIP within 3 days. Receive a 10% bonus and up to 90% profit.

Olymp Trade promotion code

Has anyone traded in Olymp Trade and bought a car or a house yet?

Answer: I personally haven’t seen anyone play something to get rich. From gambling, girls, etc, all forms of play cost money.

And if you ask me that has anyone made any money from Olymp Trade? Then my answer is Yes. But just a little extra income for tea, coffee or gasoline. Not to get rich.

Thus, whoever gives you the opportunity to get rich from this option game. Avoid them. 100% scam. Be careful!

Recruiting employees to work for Olymp Trade Club

This October, I will start recruiting people to work directly with me. The reason is that I don’t have much free time left to trade.

Some requirements:

– Used to trade in any platforms. Have a clear transaction history, statement of deposit and withdrawal.

– Have free time in a whole day. Can focus 100% on work in Olymp Trade. Because I don’t make only this page, I work for the whole world including OlymptradeBrasil, OlympTradeIndonesia, OlympTradeClub, OlympTradeThai, OlympTradeVietNam….

All remaining skills such as English, Page sharing, making images, making clips, I will train 100% all of them after you join. Starting income: $800.

If you have any questions, please leave below. Or go to Olymp Trade Club page and inbox for admin.


Feel the market when trading in Olymp Trade. Review entry points on September 23

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