Make over $450 in Olymp Trade platform for the first 3 trading orders of the year

Make over $450 in Olymp Trade platform for the first 3 trading orders of the year
Make over $450 in Olymp Trade platform for the first 3 trading orders of the year

On a blindingly cold morning,  somewhere on the street, there are still a few people busy working, struggling with daily life. Eat, sleep, and work. What a dull life. There is little joy in their lives. Are you like them? What is your joy? For me, the joy is when trading to make money in the Olymp Trade platform. The joy is doubled when it comes to winning trades in the early days of 2021, marking a perfect start.

Trading is my left-hand job. Although it is not as tiring as manual work, in return, it takes more time to observe, analyze, and research the market. This is the place that doesn’t allow you to make even the slightest mistakes if you don’t want to lose money. The prize for the winner is the financial freedom that everyone desires.

Trading is a place where you are mentally exhausted but physically “relaxed”

It sounds epic when you’re the one making money with your brain instead of your hands and feet. With just a few clicks on the electronic board dotted with lines, you earn money regardless of day and night. You don’t have to work hard for 8 hours straight to make money miserably. Honorably, you are named as a trader who always appears with shiny suits.

Those are the good, the outward advantages that everyone can see. However, hardly anybody knows that to be profitable, traders have to spend hours analyzing the market and waiting for trading opportunities for days. They also have white nights just to observe fluctuations in time to give the best action. There are many things you have to trade off to be a successful trader. It’s not as flashy as you can see.

For me, trading is just a part-time job that earns me additional income other than salary. When I use my knowledge and time to exchange for money, I feel very satisfied with such a fair trade. This is because it helps me have a small amount of money to spend every month.

Trading is a place to make money with your mind
Trading is a place to make money with your mind

Review early year trading orders in Olymp Trade platform

On the EUR/USD pair on January 7, 2021, a downtrend appeared. The opportunity had come. It was the time to seize the opportunity to make a profit with the T.L.S trading strategy.

Review early year trading orders in Olymp Trade platform
Review early year trading orders in Olymp Trade platform

1st order: A downtrend (only open DOWN orders) formed when the price broke out of the support. The price began to adjust and retest the previously broken resistance. The entry signal was a green candlestick that closed at the resistance level and could not cross it. Opened a DOWN order with an expiration time of 5 minutes with an investment of $200. The winning result brought about $164.

2nd order: It was still a downtrend. However, this time, the price retested the resistance right after that. Opened a LOWER order with an expiration time of 5 minutes when the signal candlestick hit the resistance zone.

3rd order: The market was in a downtrend when the signal candlestick appeared (Bearish Pin Bar) and retested the resistance. Right there, opened a safe DOWN order with an expiration time of 5 minutes.

At this point, some may ask why I didn’t continue to trade when I was “on a stroke of luck”. Is opening 3 orders in a row in a downtrend still not satisfied with you? For me, the principle is still above all else. The next order may be a winning or losing one, but why don’t we stop with 3 consecutive wins to fully enjoy our joy. I have repeatedly said that in the Olymp Trade platform, people who know what is enough are the winners.

You need to limit greed if you want to make money from trading in the Olymp Trade platform

Greed in eating, greed in drinking, greed in playing, etc. whatever action with the word “greed” will bring negativity in the near future. In trading, greed for money is the shortest way to lose money. You might find some advice like “don’t be greedy when it comes to Forex trading” but you still lose money.

Greed is an inherent quality in every human being. It just waits for the opportunity to emerge when the conditions are right and to corrupt you every time it takes control. The Forex market offers thousands of opportunities to make money. Don’t be greedy to grab everything. Only choose the most obvious opportunities.

Don’t let your greed control your behavior when you want to make money by trading in Olymp Trade

If you are not interrupted by feelings of greed in trading decisions, I’m sure you’re the one making money, even a lot of money in that market. However, things are not as easy as words when the amount of money in the account keeps increasing and decreasing with each fluctuation of the market.

And to do the impossible, you must stick to the principles and discipline that you set out. Concentrate on the trading process and ignore the voluptuous dancing profit numbers.

The first profit of the year in the Olymp Trade platform is the reward for the hard work

If you are wandering around in the trading community of Olymp Trade asking about how to make money, 95 out of 100 people surely cannot give a valid answer. That is because they, themselves, are losing money as they do not have a specific trading system. It’s not as easy as what you see in my reviews. All must go through a process of training from strategies, capital management, feelings.

Before thinking about making money, evaluate yourself if your knowledge is enough or not. Does your mentality go panic after a losing streak or extremely excited when you catch the “luck”? Knowledge is indispensable if you want to make money in any field. Train until you are ready to hit the battlefield. However, before that, you have to be the best on the training ground.

Reward for the hard work

Everyone wants to make money fast without having to spend a lot of practice. Only when you experience the feeling of completely losing what you have will you see your own shortcomings. Blaming yourself is not the best solution. Just see it as tuition that you have to pay. Don’t think the cost of learning is too high. The cost of ignorance is much higher.

Can you guess how much time, effort, and money I have spent on the Olymp Trade platform? It’s been a long, tough journey with no roses as you normally think.


If you want to be healthy and beautiful, you must practice sports. And if you want to make money from trading, you must gain knowledge. Don’t sit there waiting for the money to fall on your head (very rare). Go take it and put it into your pocket by yourself.

All of my articles in this blog are aimed at financial education to give you an overview of making money in the Olymp Trade platform in particular and the financial market in general.

I hope it will be your favorite destination on the way to conquer the market. Wish you success.

Make over $450 in Olymp Trade platform for the first 3 trading orders of the year
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