4 reasons why you should choose the EUR/USD currency pair when trading in Olymp Trade

4 reasons why you should choose EUR/USD currency pair in Olymp Trade
4 reasons why you should choose EUR/USD currency pair in Olymp Trade

Have you ever heard the mantra of making money from Fixed Time Trade? It’s very simple with only a single thing for the transaction process: a single strategy, a single currency pair, and a single trading time frame for the day. In this article, I will introduce to you the reasons to trade the EUR/USD currency pair in Olymp Trade.

The reasons you should choose the EUR/USD pair to trade in Olymp Trade

In this blog, there are many articles sharing effective trading strategies from which you can choose for yourself the most suitable one (preferably one only). Regarding the transaction time frame, it depends on your daily work so it will fall on different time frames.

However, a currency pair is something that you need to consider carefully before trading. This is because it determines whether your trading strategy and time frame are effective or not.

The reasons you should trade with the EUR/USD currency pair in Olymp Trade

If you have a good strategy but picking the wrong assets, it will still lead to failure. Therefore, as choosing a currency pair, what you need is to have certain criteria to suit your trading style in Olymp Trade. That helps you to have a steady profit when you understand its price habits.

The most popular trading currency pair in the Forex market

EUR/USD is one of the major currency pairs traded by many traders around the world. This is because the fluctuation is not as large as gold or GBP-containing currency pairs. If you trade a currency pair with British Pound, you will understand how horrible it moves as well as the madness of the “golden boy”. At the same time, it is also stable so that traders do not need “heart medication” like when trading Gold or GBP.

EUR/USD – the most popular currency pair on the Forex market

What do you need the most from the currency pair you are trading? I am sure it will be the stability and certainty which help you make money. You cannot make a profit trading a high volatility asset in the short term. You can even lose a lot of money with currency pairs that do not follow any rules at all.

Therefore, the EUR/USD pair is considered an easy place to make money for experienced traders. This is because they can guess its price habits based on price action correctly.

Whether you are a trader who is losing money or making unexpected profits, EUR/USD is a good choice for improving your investment. Or it can also help you optimize your profits in the best possible way.

The fundamental factors that influence the EUR/USD pair are widely publicized

Like all other currency pairs, the factors that drive the appreciation of a currency are determined by the strength of the two economies that accompany those currency pairs. Thanks to the comparison of two currencies on growth, unemployment, and other important economic metrics,

you can easily access information in the fastest way on reputable media. From there, you can make highly accurate predictions when you know the factors that affect the EUR/USD pair well or badly.

Factors driving the EUR/USD currency pair are widely publicized
Factors driving the EUR/USD currency pair are widely publicized

Information is a great advantage for investors who are trading EUR/USD. They take the initiative and advance for themselves the most complete upcoming scenarios. They rely on it to make a profit on their short-term or long-term trades.

Do not choose the currency pairs that the information related to it takes a lot of time to look up every day. They make it difficult to find a trade in your favor. Ignore them. Don’t waste your precious time in a meaningless way.

Suitable for many trading strategies

Regarding the EUR/USD currency pair, you can trade with different strategies:

Reversal trading in the Asian session. This is a session with the least volatility when trading volume is not as high as other sessions. From there, the price is more likely not to have strong and long trends. It is great for reversal traders. And the signal will be the (resistance/support) levels that have appeared before.

Trend trading when the market is in the European and American session. If the Asian session is considered a break time of EUR/USD as there are short and small fluctuations, the European and US session is considered the most active time of this pair. That is when huge trading volumes are pushed into the market. It creates long and distant waves forming stable trends. Trend trading is a strategy that is considered to offer the highest safety rating.

Suitable for many trading strategies

Most importantly, the payout of EUR/USD after 10:00 am is 82%, which is a very attractive rate. When the payout rate gets higher, you will have more profit after each winning order.

If you are a flexible trader, the EUR/USD pair will help you grasp many opportunities during the day with many different strategies. From there, you can achieve the profit target set out quickly.

Many tips to make money with the EUR/USD currency pair are shared

You can find shares on a useful trading strategy on the EUR/USD currency pair or time frames in which it only has a single price habit. On the Olymp Trade trading community and on this blog, you can easily find the article sharing the strategy of trading the EUR/USD pair with the Bollinger Bands indicator which is very effective. You can review it for more details.

With a lot of useful knowledge about the EUR/USD currency pair from the community, you can build the best strategy on your own. It will help you make money in Olymp Trade with Fixed Time Trade transactions. If you know how to take advantage of this, you are sure to have yourself an interesting, effective, and creative strategy.

Many tips to make money with the EUR/USD currency pair are shared
Many tips to make money with the EUR/USD currency pair are shared

The above advantages contribute to making the EUR/USD pair more accessible for new traders. And it is considered a “gold mine” of experienced traders. Information, trading tips, trading hours, etc. are all shared a lot. Your only job is to read, select the most quintessential, and develop your own trading strategy.

In conclusion

By reading this article, you may have understood why many people like to trade the EUR/USD currency pair. It makes it easy for your investment to achieve the expected profit. Therefore, choosing a currency pair to trade is very important throughout your investment process.

I hope you choose a trading asset that is right for you.

4 reasons why you should choose the EUR/USD currency pair when trading in Olymp Trade
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